Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Purple Skies :)

Hooray! Our first single and video are out now!

A big thanks to all that helped and recorded with us on Purple Skies – David English, Eduardo López, Mark Bell, Christopher Jelly, Mike Porter, Stevie Devlin, Graham Hardy and Dave Wilde, not forgetting to mention Andrew Archer and John Elliot at Loft Music Studios!

Also a big thanks to Harry Jenkinson, Curt Taylor, Josephine Peel, Paul Knowles and our friends and extras for doing an awesome job in the video. Cheers to everyone that’s watched, bought, shared and listened to Purple Skies so far, your support is much appreciated!

We look forward to releasing further material soon!

Shōka xx

Friday, 6 September 2013

Hi Guys, this is our first blog post, we hope you'll continue to follow us over the coming months as we release more music. Our first track is coming out Monday, we'll keep you posted :) 

shōka xx